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Often as the year progresses GUMC’s expenses exceed income.  The gap increases towards year end, yet we still must continue to pay bills.  The Administrative Council adopted an annual policy to check the net deficit at the end of the 3rd quarter and postpone monthly payments of apportionments as needed.


This year apportionments were not paid in November and December.  Sometimes generous December contributions eliminate the deficit.  This year those contributions almost accomplished the goal of a balanced budget, but we still have a balance due of $12,729.92 for 2019.  We now challenge our members and friends to help make up this deficit to keep our finances in the black. Please help if you are able.

For more information about what apportionmments are used for you can click here for the iaumc website information or find the apportionment calculator with pie charts and program details in pdf form next.         Calculator with Pie Charts                               Program Detail

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