Spiritual Journey Guide: where are you?

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Every person’s journey is unique in timing and pace. Click on the box that best describes where you are today to see ideas about your next steps for growth.

You have come to check out the church.

You are attending for the first time or


You may or may not have  accepted Christ as your Savior.

You attend worship regularly or fairly fairly often.

You do not participate in the

church beyond worship attendance. 

You may or may not have made a commitment to Christ.

You have recently committed or recommitted your life to Christ.

You are a new disciple and want to know more about how to live in this relationship.

You have been a disciple for a while. 

You know the basics of the faith, have a daily time with God, 

engage in some form of accountable

discipleship and serve others beyond the church.

You serve sacrificially. You are an influencer and leader in the faith community. You share your faith with those outside the church and disciple someone beginning the journey. You provide leadership in some ministry in the church.

How to grow to the next level


Guest/Visitor: Come back. Begin to worship regularly and participate in other ministries of the church.

  • Learn about the church through participation and conversation

  • Get to know people by coming to fellowship time after worship and joining us for Blessed Community on Wednesday evenings at 6pm during the school year.

  • Ask questions about God

  • Explore how this church engages the community


Regular Worship Attendee: Commit your life to Christ. Form friendships with others in the church and engage in conversation with maturing disciples. Find a way to serve in a ministry of the church.

  • Make a new friends at worship/fellowship time

  • Attend a Sunday morning class

  • Join a group (Nine to Dine, choir, UMW, study, etc.)

  • Attend Blessed Community meals and events on Wednesday evenings at 6pm during the school year

  • Connect with a Discipleship Companion*

  • “Test drive” a ay of serving in the church

  • Attend a Taize worship service (offered monthly during the school year, location rotate among churches)

  • Make a commitment to Jesus

  • Begin regular giving


Believer: Strive to learn more about foundational spiritual practices. Have a daily devotional time, explore Christian beliefs, and connect with other disciples. Give proportionately. Find a way to serve in the church.

  • Participate in “The Basics” class, a series of short studies on Christian discipleship for all believers

  • Join the weekly Lectionary Bible Study or another study offered by the church

  • Begin daily time with God

  • Commit to regular giving

  • Participate in a Walk to Emmaus/Chrysalis or other spiritual growth retreat

  • Volunteer in a ministry area at GUMC

  • Give of your time elsewhere in the community: MICA, Second Mile, Food Recovery Network, Giving Gardens, Meals on Wheels, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, PALS, etc. (Click here to see a list of contacts for these organizations)


Growing Disciple: Commit more of your life to following God. Make your spiritual life a priority and learn more about spiritual practices. Build faith based relationships. Share Christ, tithe, and serve others beyond the church.

  • Engage in daily spiritual practices

  • Participate regularly in faith based study groups

  • Tithe

  • Explore Lay Servant Training classes offered by the conference. See the Central District website for a list of classes http://central.iaumc.org/

  • Sign up to connect with a Discipleship Companion*

  • Go on a mission trip. Consider the UMC Volunteers in Mission program if GUMC doesn’t have one planned that works for you. http://www.iaumc.org/volunteersinmission

  • Join an accountability group with friends in faith.


Maturing Disciple/Servant Leader: Serve sacrificially in ministry. Continue to grown through spiritual practices, relationships with others, and service. Become a friend or mentor to newer disciples and consider being a part of the Discipleship Companion* program. Serve as a leader in a ministry area.

  • Continue to build your relationship with God through spiritual practices

  • Reach out to non-believers to be Christ’s presence in their lives

  • Provide leadership in an area of ministry in the church

  • Become a Discipleship Companion*

  • Give generously (beyond tithe)

  • Get involved in organizations like Women at the Well (prison ministry) or Methodist Federation for Social Action (MFSA) or other ministry area of the wider church. (Click here to see contacts for these organizations)

  • Attend the Iowa UMC School for Lay Ministry. http://www.iaumc.org/slm


Remember - Pastors and church staff are always available to help you if you have any questions. Contact Us


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