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Discipleship: Spiritual Journey Guide

Every person’s journey is unique in timing and pace.

Click on the box that best describes where you are today to see ideas about your next steps for growth.

You have come to check out the church attending for the first time or sporadically. 

You may or may not have  accepted Christ as your Savior.

You have recently committed or recommitted your life to Christ.

You are a new disciple and want to know more about how to live in this relationship.

You attend worship regularly or fairly often but not much .

beyond worship attendance. 

You may or may not have made a commitment to Christ.

You are an disciple and leader in the faith community and outside the church. You provide leadership in some ministry in the church.

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You have been a disciple for a while, know the basics of the faith, have a daily time with God, 

and serve others beyond the church.

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