Natural Church Development

In 2013, Grinnell United Methodist Church began the Natural Church Development process--a program created to assist our community of faith in our constant effort to be a strong, healthy, growing church. Over the summer of 2013, initial steps to launch the Natural Church Development (NCD) program took place.  The first step was to conduct a basic church profile, gather insights, and create an evolving list of ideas to better our ministries.  Below you will find attachments and links that give information on our church, results from the first NCD survey, and the most up-to-date information on where we go from here.


2015 Follow Up Documents:

     Click here for the NCD Survey Insights report from the diagnostic 2015 step.

     Click here for the NCD follow up report-a year of progress.

     Click here for to see how the evolving list of focus group suggestions have been acted upon.


2014 Insight Documents:

     Click here to read our compiled data and more about the three areas of focus. 


Initial 2013 Documents:

     Click here for the NCD Church Basic Profile as done through the NCD process.

     Click here for the NCD Insights as gathered through the diagnosic step of the NCD process.

     Click here for the NCD evolving list of ideas gathered from our focus groups.


NCD is a tool to help the congregation explore our strengths and weaknesses and determine a plan to help all areas of ministry become spirit-filled and effective. The process can be summarized in five steps:



                                    Establish leadership and prayer teams, inform and engage the congregation in the program. 



                                    Using tools based on a study of 1000+ church world-wide, gather in-depth analysis of your congregation                                     and identify 3-5 key issues to address.

                                    Plan- Leadership group, called Church Health Team, shares results with the

                             congregation and works to develop a strategic plan to address the issues.


                                    Carry out the plan, staying focused to overcome any obstacles along the way. 



                                    Review results to determine degree of success and need for next steps. 




Like in all things, prayer is key for the NCD process to move forward in a manner faithful to God’s intent for our faith
community. All GUMC members are asked to keep the process in their prayers in the year to come and a NCD Prayer
Team will help focus those efforts. Members of the prayer team are: Jeanette Budding, Dave Van Arkel, Julie Kingery, Trish
Ebert, Deb Breeden, Jack Mutti, and Lily Hamilton.


The Church Health Team will guide the implementation process: Members of the Church Health Team are Monique Shore,

Brian Mitchell, Lyle Roudabush, Betty Ludden, Rhonda Brenneck, Carolyn Grosenback and Catherine Cogley.

More individuals may be added in the weeks to come. Karen Nelson, Field Outreach Minister for the District, will serve as our consultant throughout the

process and GUMC pastoral and staff involvement will be important as well.


We encourage you to talk to NCD team members or Pastor Rose about the project if you want to learn more. We will

strive to include information in the Messenger each month as well as through other avenues of communication as

much as possible. 


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