Music at GUMC

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GUMC values music and the essential role it plays in worship and

connecting people to the presence of God.  Strengthening our current

music program was identified during the Natural

Church Development process as one of our primary goals.  

Our music ministries include vocal and hand bell choirs and have a

place for young and old, beginning and advanced. All groups welcome new members.


Vocal Choirs:

  • Praise Group: The Praise Group is a fun and energetic group of people who love to sing and share contemporary and blended Christian music. The group incorporates a variety of instruments depending on the performance - piano, drums, guitars, etc. Practice schedules are designed to work with a variety of busy schedules. Contact Juli Bey or Jill Allen for more information.  

  • Chancel Choir: The chancel choir is a wonderful group of people who sing more traditional music. They practice on Wednesday evenings from 7:15pm to 8:00pm.

  • Children’s Choir:  Children love to sing and this is a big part of our ministry program. Children, youth, and adults gather during our ACES "Lighting the Fire" from 9:15-9:35am each Sunday morning during the school year.  During this time, all ages sing and enjoy various music that lend themselves to the theme of the day.  At various times throughout the year, some of these songs will also be sung in the 10:30am worship.


Hand Bell Choirs: The Radiant Ringers and the Carillon Choir

  • The Radiant Ringers are a basic level bell choir group. We have many members who have rung with us for several years, but frequently have new members who want to learn how to ring bells. The Radiant Ringers are directed by Monique Shore and practice on Wednesday evenings from 5:30 to 6:15 during the school year.

  • The Carillon Choir is the more advanced bell choir. Directed by Juli Bey, this group practices on Wednesdays from 6:30pm-7:15pm during the school year.

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