Discipleship: a life-long journey

As Christians, the goal is continual progress on a path towards being more like Christ.

This lifelong journey may have begun with classes as a young child that walked you 

through confirmation, of your journey may have just begun as an adult just beginning

to walk on this new discipleship pathway.  Regardless of where you are on your

faith journey, we are each called to progress on this path throughout each stage of

our lives. Our goal at GUMC is to provide opportunities for growth for all ages and for

all stages. We strive for opportunities that inspire and challenge people of all ages to

open themselves to God’s transforming grace in a livelong growth process that moves us

to become more like Christ every day.

What is a Disciple?

A disciple is a follower of Jesus Christ who is committed to:

  • Being part of the body of Christ

  • Continual progress towards becoming more like Jesus

  • Joining in ministry to be the hands of Christ in the world


There are three keys to growing spiritually:

  1. Stay connected to God: Have daily time with God. Develop foundational spiritual practices.

  2. Stay connected with others: Invest in Christian friendships. Regularly attend worship. Connect in an accountable relationship (small group, pastor, mentor, etc.)

  3. Serve others: Find a way to serve in the church. Explore ways to serve in the community.


Where God is calling you to go next?​

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