Blessed Community

Every Wednesdays during the school year @ 6PM

Freewill offering, open to anyone and everyone.

This is a unique time for all of us during the COVID-19 pandemic and times of social distancing. The Blessed Community meal is working to adapt and is offering curbside pick up on Wednesday nights from 6:00-6:30. The meals are available to anyone in the community; please share with your neighbors or friends who may need extra help during this extraordinary time.  

Menu is subject to change, based on availability.


February 3: smoky mountain chicken/roasted veggies and potatoes

Feb. 10: walking tacos/fruit or applesauce

Feb. 17: ham and noodle casserole/French bread/fruit

Feb. 24: smothered enchiladas/corn/tortilla chips

March 3: Chicken parmesan/French bread/green beans

March 10: Cheesy BBQ sloppy Joe’s/corn/applesauce or fruit cup

March 17: Breakfast casserole/biscuits/fruit

March 24: Italian baked chicken/roasted potatoes/applesauce or fruit cup

March 31: Tator tot casserole/corn/rolls

In dreaming and visioning what this ministry might look like, our staff gathered around a variety

of tables and circles to talk with church members about some of their dreams for this church. 

We talked a lot about the wonderful relationships and family we’ve created here with each other. 

We talked about music, and youth, and sharing in each other’s lives.  It seemed no matter who

we were speaking with, no matter what their age, the conversation always centered on

relationships: both ways to strengthen the ones we already have and how to invite others in

as we spread God’s word.


Out of these conversations came the idea of "Blessed Community."  We all know our mission statement for this

church is “Living, love, sharing God’s word.”  When coming up with a statement of purpose for this Wednesday night ministry, we felt that whatever it was called, it needed to build upon and fuel our original church mission.  So, even though Wednesdays during the school year are referred to as “Blessed Community,” its purpose is just the same as a Sunday morning.  We gather to worship.  We gather to relate to each other.  We gather to learn about God, love God, love one another, and share with one another.  And, once our night is done, we depart with a new mission:  to make disciples, who will eventually, hopefully, step through our doors the next Wednesday night to a home-cooked meal, welcoming smile, and various opportunities to get to know God.


Our vision is a church filled with family—we’re talking actual families but also friends, strangers, community members, and church members all coming together to fill up the Friendship center with food, conversation, devotions, joy, and love.  You see, a Blessed Community is the group that is formed right there, that night.  It is a group of people gathering together to create a new community.  We forget about church or non-church or different church.  We don’t worry about what age you are or where you live.  We gather to find blessing with each other and with God. We imagine church doors that remain open, lights that remain on, greeters to welcome everybody until into the evening hours.  We imagine a church spilling over with the love and light of Jesus Christ so that the whole neighborhood wants to join in the creation of a new Blessed Community next week.

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